Outdoor Lighting

The NORLED LED fixture range covers all segments of outdoor lighting.

All our products offer efficient consumption, provide even illumination of the road surface, have a high color rendering index, and work smoothly in all weather conditions, ensuring traffic safety.

Today, one of the important parameters is the light output, which reflects how many lumens of visible light a luminaire provides after consuming a unit of electric power.

Maximum traffic safety and accident prevention is achieved through the right selection and installation of suitable LED fixtures. The way lighting equipment will be installed and controlled is considered and approved at the design stage, in full compliance with appliable law.

Lighting is designed individually for each facility type, kind, and purpose. All requirements are referred to in regulations, legal and industrial standards (SNiP, GOST, SP, etc.).

NorGroup specialists will perform the following works, with top-grade quality and in the shortest possible time:

  • Facility analysis.
  • Project preparation (including calculations and visualization).
  • Selecting fixtures based on legal requirements and customer expectations.
  • Delivering, installing, and commissioning the equipment.
  • Payback calculation & automation.
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