Sports Facilities

NorGroup offers integrated services in the field of LED lighting for sports facilities (outdoor stadiums, gyms, school sports halls, sports grounds, etc.).

The company utilizes top-quality LED fixtures for outdoor and indoor use.

The following recommendations are taken into account in illumination of such structures:

  • Luminous flux must be high to illuminate the entire structure in the complex, including all fields and grounds.
  • There should be no shaded sectors.
  • Illumination should be comfortable not to cause eye fatigue in athletes and spectators. There should be no flickering or glare.
  • Every fixture (a spotlight, lamp, etc.) has high luminous power.

Benefits of LED lighting

LED fixtures are used to illuminate all kinds of spaces, including homes, industrial buildings, and even sports facilities.

A lighting system at a sports facility should be arranged in compliance with applicable regulations. LED fixtures fully meet these requirements.

The main reasons why these products are popular are:

  • Very low power consumption.
  • пLongevity is higher compared to energy-saving, halogen and incandescent lamps
  • High luminous power.
  • No glare, low flickering.
  • Diffusers can complement a structure a focus flux on certain areas of a sports ground.
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