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Underground Parking

Intense illumination sectors include the entrance and exit, and places of large crowds (pay offices, elevator, stairs). The entrance-exit zone is a high-risk area implying a significant risk of injury and thus requiring an increased level of illumination.

The lighting standards for various car parking zones are regulated per DIN 67528 standards, which prescribe the required illumination level for each zone.

Overall level of parking illumination primarily depends on the intensity of use. Low-traffic parkings require horizontal illumination of up to 7 lux. Illumination of large parkings must be at least 15 lux. The cylindrical illumination level is the same for parkings of any type and amounts to 1 lux. This is more than sufficient for a person to discern objects.

Pedestrian areas require a high level of horizontal illumination (around 100 to 150 lux) as prescribed by safety regulations for cases of emergency or evacuation. These standards are stipulated in Chapter 5 of DIN 5035 and Chapters 1 and 6 of DIN VDE 0108.

High-traffic zones in parking areas require sufficient horizontal and vertical illumination to ensure safety and convenient movement in the parking area. Horizontal illumination in this area will be 60 lux, with cylindrical illumination of at least 10 lux. It's necessary to provide even distribution of light, because both the glare of spotlights and dim light have negative impact on traffic safety.

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