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Gas Stations / Car Washes

Why gas station lighting matters

Whether a gas station is well lit is one of the governing visitor-driving factors. To be demanded and earning, a gas station must have a good level of lighting at every object at the site.

A gas station has the following area:

  • Refueling area. This is the main area that is located under a special shelter. This shelter must be well lit to be noticeable from afar in the evening and at night. Proper lighting requires compliance with applicable construction standards and regulations;
  • Adjacent area. This area includes the entrance and exit territory outside the sheltered area. It also covers the parking zone.
  • Store and control room. This is where people pay for refueling and buy something from the gas station store.

Since each of the listed areas has a different purpose, they are all subject to different lighting requirements and governmental standards regarding light fixtures.

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