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Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is one of the lighting design areas intended to emphasize the uniqueness of the building and beauty of the architectural object.

Lighting design becomes a distinctive feature of:

  • Residential and administrative buildings
  • Cafes, restaurants, clubs, and movie theaters
  • Museums and architectural landmarks
  • Business centers

The choice of architectural lighting type should be based on the shortcomings of conventional lighting equipment and benefits of LED fixtures. Conventional fixtures often fail when exposed to temperature differences or power surges. Such faults may leave whole fragments of a building without backlighting. Housings of conventional fixtures are often prone to rust.

NORLED LED fixtures are characterized by sustainable operation at various temperature and voltage. Having aluminum housings with a protective coating, they emphasize the esthetics of the backlit object.

Another advantage of LED fixtures is efficient energy consumption. NORLED LED equipment can shrink electricity bills significantly. Operating costs are also curbed since fixtures can work for around 100,000 hours without replacement.

Depending on the architectural lighting tasks and object (building, bridge, monument), our specialists can select NORLED fixtures to create floodlights or directed light, monochrome (single color) or multicolor (RGB) lighting.

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